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Originally Posted by 99ParkAvenue View Post
If you are nice with it, you can get 17 in town and 24 on the highway like I do with no mods.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But no matter how "nice" you may be... it doesn't matter whether Barack Obama or Jesus Christ or Mahatma Gandhi were to sit behind the wheel of an old Chevy wagon and drive it - the MPG numbers you cite ain't ever gonna happen. Maybe in heaven, or in utopia, or nirvana - but not in the real world. No matter how "nice" you may be to your old station wagon.

I don't believe your stats without there being hard, provable evidence of it. Anyone can make a claim and say they get this or that incredibly high MPG. But saying it is just talk. Without actual proof, it's just puffing smoke.

"Puff the Magic Dragon" belongs in the Unicorn Corral, IMHO.