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Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
What will it cost you to do the engine swap?

How much fuel will you save by doing it?

Will you re-coup the expense of the engine swap?

Or is this proposal more ideological than economic?

These are things to consider.
Yes they are things to consider.

I don't actually need such a car now even though it's possible to have one, Though such a car could be useful in some circumstances.

Thanks, You pointed me in the direction to realize I really don't need a station wagon like that now; I have other things to do.

Although I could do it, It's not necessary.

Eh, I'll let someone else read what I posted and if they need such a car, Let them work on it. Nostalgia's a wasteful empire (Correct me if it's not so) even though I did ride in a wagon as a kid.

I'll leave this here:

^ I've had dreams of junkyard station wagons like the one I used to ride in and a huge price sticker of "$5,000" On a running Caprice that passed by me in a dream. Enough, It's not necessary, Let's go away and let them rust, Huzzah.

(And I'm not condemning swapping another engine into a wagon, I just don't see it as a necessity in my life.)

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