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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
If it's for longer than what's recommended by the manual, sorry, sometimes I don't write out all of my thinking.

I'd go neutral, I imagine drive isn't very good for it- but I don't know your vehicle, just general autos. I try to be careful w/ autos and EOC, I'd utilize a kill switch if you plan on doing it fairly often. If it's for shorter period of times, I would think it would be okay as long as the transmission has time to cool off. I imagine it would need it, if it has those descriptions in the manual.

I'm not an expert, but I'd try to follow the guide as well as possible- at least the principles it suggests.
Thanks. I'm not sure what to do for an on-off switch though, I tried taking the fuel injector fuse out which turned the injectors off without touching the key but when I put the fuse back the van didn't restart (Edit: It didn't restart the fuel injectors) until after the key was turned off and to "Start" Again, So I don't think attaching an on-off (Normally on) switch to the fuse would work.

Originally Posted by jaylhouse View Post
Just a thought. Is it possible by keying off while in drive, the torque converter was still locked? When shifting to neutral, the engine has nit completely spun down, causing the noise. I had an f150 years ago Restart at 15 mph shifting from neutral to drive. just an idea
I don't know, But that's a good thought about the TC being locked. The last time I restarted from an EOC was at about 45 MPH and I've noticed the odd sound at speeds like about 30. I'm not sure how it would sound above 50.

Originally Posted by 101Volts View Post
... And the EOCing I was doing would go as high as maybe 57 and then stay in Then when time came to restart ...
Fixed - "And then I'd stay in Drive." Sorry!

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