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The brake pedal is evil
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My car is easier to keep running than a later carburated car. CEL? Short out the diagnostic pins and read the code from the blinking CEL. Driveability issue? Put it in test mode and see if it throws a CEL. No CEL yet? Tap the oxygen sensor pins on the diagnostic port and duct tape the meter to the windshield right next to the vacuum gauge. I can also get data output from the ECU with a $3 cable, a bit of soldering, a piece of software I posted in the instrumentation section, and a laptop made after 2000. Dead fuel pump? Pull the back seat, access the pump from above the tank. Fuel filter? Bolted to the fire wall right next to the brake booster and the superfluous power-steering rack. Injectors? $130 is a bit pricy, but cheaper than a melted down catalyst.
Getting sensor data off of a pre OBDII Toyota ECU via TDCL.
All of this is on E10: Project E is my current focus.

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