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Originally Posted by ever_green View Post
I dont have either of these cars, however I work with someone who owns a manual version of my impreza. we both take the exact same route home except for the last couple kilometers. yes we are different drivers but we are both hypermilers of same experience. I use scangauge 2 and he uses those bluetooth apps. almodt always I beat him in the mileage tests in city driving. just yesterday I scored 8.2l/100km while he only did 8.8l/100km. however when it comes to highway driving, I cant even match his good mileage. im behind a good 2-3 mpg on the freeways from the manuals unless I draft a truck or something.
Automatics are not really so disadvantaged in highway after they can overcome the inertia from the torque converter. But I still got quite surprised when a regular automatic delivers better mileage in city, altough manuals currently don't get the gear ratio so optimized for all-around efficiency.
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