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This week's annoyance:
I've been commuting by bike to work, 40km per day, every day (this is actually a smile).
I got hit by a car a few weeks ago, no real injuries thankfully, but the front wheel turned into a figure 8. I waited a week for the new wheel to arrive, then another for free time to replace it. Then it turned out that the fork is also bent, so another 1.5 week of waiting for a new fork, then for free time. Now I have problems with installing it, but it'll be another week before I'll have time to go to a bike service shop (they are open very short hours now that the weather is bad).

During this wait I thankfully had a second bike I could ride, but broke a spoke a week ago. No time to repair it since I use the bike daily, and on friday another two spokes went, I almost had to walk the bike home for the last 5km.

Did I mention that all of the bike shops in my area are closed this weekend? Well, they are. This means that I'll have to take public transport this week (driving is out of the question ), so much less flexiblility, and more time wasted (1.5h each way, by bike it takes. 45-50min). The worst part is that I'm so used to biking that on the 2-3 times I took public trans I did not feel as good, had less energy, needed more coffee Hopefully it'll only be a week...
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