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My oldest brother had one of thos (1983) but parked it under a Magnolia tree which rotted the camper portion out and we ripped it off. Welded the back of a regular pickup cab on what was left of the cab and put a trailer like this on the back (minus the frame and axles). We swapped the tailgate and the corresponding panel in the front of the trailer to get the fenders to sit over the rear wheels on the Toyota truck chassis.

Later he put a real one ton Toyota rear axle on it and got rid of the dual wheels. It really is a neat looking truck, now 30 years old. Got the engine out of my youngest brothers truck and a 5 speed tranny when the donor truck got flooded in Isabel, 9 years ago.

TNJ Murray: Military vehicles and parts surplus - Trailers - 1987 AMA CO MDL M101A3 2 WHEEL 3/4 TON CARGO TRAILER SER# 5000270249

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