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Honda MSX125 "Grom"

I'm a huge fan of Honda's horizontal singles and said for years if they ever came out with another street-legal model that used a version of this motor I'd buy it.

Last June American Honda announced that the United States would get the fuel injected MSX-125 (called the Grom in the U. S.) and I had to put my money where my mouth is and put a deposit on one. As it turned out they are in short supply with most dealers getting two and the first run of them totally sold out.

Reports started coming in on the MSX-125 web sites that folks in the U. K. were getting over 120 MPG out of these bikes. Mine finally came in and while my opinion of the bike in general is mixed the fuel mileage is indeed extremely impressive. So far my best mileage has been just shy of 127.

Has anyone else here purchased one? If you have what's been your experience?

Mine is happiest running at about 45 MPH and tops out around 55. Supposedly something as simple as intake modifications and an aftermarket exhaust system will take the top speed to nearly 70.

The motor is incredibly smooth with almost an electric feel to it. So far the F. I. system has been flawless and the little bike just starts and runs perfect. It would be very interesting to fully streamline one of these bikes and see what kind of numbers could be achieved.


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