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Theoretically $2999 MSRP but they're totally sold out. Some people are trying to make money on the bikes they've bought, asking four grand or more.

Unfortunately the top gear in the bike is an overdrive and you already can't pull redline in it. Gearing it up would make it unridable for town use.

Rumor has it that they offset the crank in relationship to the cylinder like they did on the NC700X. It also has a longer stroke than bore unlike every other horizontal Honda single, again like the NC700X. Could this be one of the secrets to good fuel economy?

One reason the engine might be so smooth is that the crankshaft is now supported by the right sidecover.

I know I definitely don't baby the bike and it likes RPM. I'm curious as to what kind of lifespan this motor is going to have and by it's electric feel I'll bet it's going to last a long, long time.

For my taste it's too much like a street bike with lots of bodywork, high-tech dashboard, etc. and it's heavy for what it is (225 lbs. wet). I'd much prefer a dual-purpose version with molded color plastic. It's a typical Honda, though and has an extremely polished feel to it.

Cycle World did a writeup on it and totally ignored it's gas mileage, instead sending it's dirt bike tester to a skate park to thrash it. While a good portion of these bikes are getting heavily customized and the vast majority of the youngsters who own them will use the bikes as toys the little buggers do have a very practical side.

I'm 5' 6" tall, weigh around 155 and the ergos fit me very well. The seat sucks, though--as is typical of the manufacturers it slopes far too much to the front and badly needs to be leveled out. If it was flat they'd lose sales because really short people would straddle it in the showroom and not be able to touch the ground. The foam is also hard as a rock. I bought a second seat and will likely send it to Sargent for a redo.

The front fork is too soft but various fixes are already available, from preload adjusters to high-end total rebuilds. The shock is a throwaway unit but for my needs works pretty well.

Once supply catches up with demand these little bikes will be an absolute bargain and excellent cheap transportation. Those interested in building a high MPG bike ought to be watching for a crashed one. With this kind of MPG out of the box imagine what it'll do with some streamlining!!!

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