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Originally Posted by krrcan View Post
But it's better to accelerate to say.. 70km/h, and then do a EOC down to 40km/h and repeat.
Rather than cruising with low RPM on a high gear constantly on 50-60km/h?
You're describing the Pulse (accelerate) and glide (EOC) technique.
Surprisingly, P&G burns less fuel than running at a constant speed.

The benefit is reduced when the car is already quite efficient @ constant cruising speeds though - think direct injection diesels.

I have some places in my regular commute where EOC is bothersome though, I'll let the engine hum along nicely at those parts then.
P&G is a hassle ...
Not all cars take it easily - some don't like being bump started, steering can get very heavy, the ignition key system might be weak ... my Volvo had all 3 issues.

Keeping the engine running reduces the effectiveness of the technique - but you might still see a positive effect.
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