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Here is some more stuff. Check it out!

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We're giving away some great prizes, from a TED 5000-G whole house
electricity meter to a Kill-a-Watt, to low flow showerheads, to a Black &
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November. Every post you make counts as an entry. More details:

2013 EcoRenovator Fall Giveaway! (Just post in the forum to qualify.) - EcoRenovator


1) What kind of PEX tubing for hydronic heat?

Daox is getting ready to put in a hydronic floor in his office, so he inquires about what PEX tubing to use for it.

What kind of PEX tubing for hydronic heat? - EcoRenovator


2) DIY solar dehumidifier

NiHaoMike contemplates a DIY solar dehumidifier using calcium chloride as a desiccant.

DIY solar dehumidifier - EcoRenovator


3) Building an attic door insulation enclosure

RobbMeeX contemplates buying or building an attic door enclosure.

Building an attic door insulation enclosure. Thoughts/Help needed... - EcoRenovator


4) Solar space heating for shop

Randen is building solar hot water panels into the outer wall of his shop to heat it.

Solar space heating for shop - EcoRenovator


5) Another hot water tank heat pump

In addition to the solar hot water project, Randen also salvaged a hot water tank and window A/C unit that he is hacking into a hot water heater.

Another hot water tank heat pump - EcoRenovator
Current project: Adding regenerative braking to the Mirage
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