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Originally Posted by G FORCE View Post
I have not really considered a swamp cooler. While it would probably do the trick I am leaning towards sourcing a complete factory setup to install. I know it will hurt mpg but when it's 100+ degrees out here in the summer A/C is almost mandatory unless you don't mind getting out of the car with sweat stains all over your shirt lol.
In my country, automotive swamp-coolers are more popular in commercial vehicles and it does the trick decently.

Since it doesn't require the engine to be kept idling like a regular A/C does due to the compressor, truckers can enjoy it in sleeper-cabs.

In a Brazilian Chevy truck from the 80s, cheaper and easier to install than retrofitting a regular A/C with all that hardware. Well, it's often easier to install even in a compact car without a factory-fitted roof hatch where the swamp-cooler could be mounted, altough would have to do some drills in the roof panel...

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