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Not Hardly Worth the Effort is it.

Originally Posted by RobertISaar View Post
i don't know what kind of ESR the "Stinger" would have, but let's assume it is something quite usable.... 1,666 watt-seconds could almost entirely replace a battery. if it were all drawn within 1 second, that is almost 120 amps, which is enough to run a starter motor on nearly anything that isn't a semi or larger.
Can't imagine what sort of starter motor/engine could start with only 1 second of 120 amp cranking, especially on a cold morning. The current in the starter motor will be limited in rise time by the inductance and resistance of the motor windings, and the motor speed will be dropping faster than debutante panties on prom night as soon as the voltage sags.

Remember that a capacitor is a passive electrical component primarily used for filtering and can't source energy like a battery, which is an active chemical reaction device.
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