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Build a sledge under your shed, that is the way I move structures around my farm, especially where the ground is too rough or soft for rollers to work. And you don't have to worry about having to keep feeding rollers under the front end or the structure rolling out of control on a slope. Cut two 4x4's or 2x4's (depending on the building's weight) to a length 1 foot longer than the side of your building and then cut one end at an angle. Jack up one side of the shed at a time, slide a 4x4 or 2x4 under it with the ends protruding equally out from under the building and with the angled end facing the direction you want to move the shed. Position them under the side wall of the shed and lower the shed onto the board. Repeat for the other side of the shed. These will be the 2 sledge runners. Cut two 2x4's to the width of the building and attach one to the front and one to the back of the protruding runners on the outside of the shed so the shed is now boxed front and back by the cross 2x4's and the weight is supported by the 2 runners. Drive a nail into the center of the flat (back) end of each runner, then take a rope (or chain) and wrap it around the shed with the rope resting on the 2 nails so when you pull, the pulling force will be pulling on the back of the runners. You can also add a pair of nails at the front outside end of each runner to keep the rope positioned at the runner level as you pull. Especially if you are moving a flimsy walled metal shed, you'll want to keep any lateral force of the rope centered on the runners rather than riding up and squeezing in the walls of the shed. At this point I would hook it up to a tractor, truck, or winch and move it. In your case, since you are going a short distance and don't have a tree or heavy object to attach your winch to, drive one or 2 tee posts deeply into the ground and attach your winch to the post(s) close to the ground level and use that to pull from.

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