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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
I was going to copy and paste the 65+ Mods, and the 100+ Tips- but I have recently lost my initiative to keep doing that when people do not search, or at least browse the site. :/
It'd be a good idea to make these a wee bit more prominent / visible though.
I know it's taken me a while to spot them, back in the day.

As for the car :
- manual transmission
- small engine displacement (under 2L)
- decently maintained (at least the technical end, cosmetics are grossly irrelevant)

Or look into other options for getting the kids to school - like the (school)bus.
If there are any, of course.
The issue with school runs is that you do twice the miles it actually takes to get the kids there and back.
Not very efficient, and with it being a daily chore, the miles rack up quickly.

Back in the day (70s-80s) we walked (< 1mile) or biked (< 6 miles) to school.
The kids who came from further away usually took the bus, some by bike when the weather was OK.
Very few were dropped off by car.
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