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I was not expecting for it to read a linear value, i.e. n Volts per Gallon. I figured you could start with an empty tank, take your reading in volts then add a half gallon, let it settle, take a reading, and so on. This would give you a table of volts vs. gallons. It would not make any difference what the shape of the tank is or the geometry of the float arm.

I am just trying to determine, accurately, gallons used over short distances rather than waiting two weeks till I fill the tank.

My anticipated use of this would not be for while driving, but rather for when the vehicle is sitting in the garage, still and level.

My only question is whether or not the sending unit of current day cars has the infinite resolution required as opposed to the old days where I believe they used a wire wound rheostat which obviously has very rough and poor resolution.
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