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Originally Posted by justpassntime View Post
Why couldn't you use a peanut oil fog machine and a big fan for home wind tunnel testing?
Each of those would put out turbulent flow, and together it'd be even worse. You can't put that fog through a small wand, so how are you going to target the area -- have it on a stand?

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Would you have to "scale" the wind speed to the scale of the model or ?!?!?!?
Yes, if one wanted to get real drag numbers. Look up "Reynolds number."

Originally Posted by justpassntime View Post
Try the toy section at your local department store. The model wouldn't have to be a "model".

Check this out VINTAGE METAL TONKA JEEP CHEROKEE WAGONEER TOY TRUCK - eBay (item 140245515768 end time Jul-06-08 18:21:57 PDT)
Yes, the model would have to be a model. Toys are extremely inaccurate, as proven by the link!

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