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Top 5 cheap cars to start with?

This might be a candidate for a sticky thread.

I am thinking about purchasing a used car in search of fuel savings. This will be to slightly modify to the point of saving money, not spending more than I save. I also figure it will be cheaper than building a project from scratch.

1) Daily driver for commuting to work so two seaters or econo-boxes ok.

2) Manual trans.

3) Budget. Cheap. $3000 range. No need to get a 5 year car payment if I am looking to save money.

4) Runs on gas. Fuel up anywhere.

5) Cheap and easy to maintain. I can save money by fixing it myself.

What are the top 5 choices for a noobie Eco-Modder?

So far, I have heard Civic VX and HX. I see other trims are more available. What makes these two so different from the LX and CX? Engine size or stuff laymen don't know about?

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