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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Can you describe the intended use a bit more? Is it running in the garage or sitting still, yet somehow needing a refill every two weeks?
I guess I have not made myself very clear. I am only trying to figure out how much fuel is in my tank, say every morning before I take off driving, or every night when I get home. The dash board gas gage already does this except it is a very crude method of telling 'how much' fuel is in the tank. I want to measure my remaining fuel very accurately.

According to the electrical diagram of my vehicle (Chilton's manual) The fuel gage sending unit in the tank is nothing more than a variable resistor. However, I am trying to learn if that variable resistor, in newer cars, is a wire wound pot (poor resolution) or if it uses some other type of variable resistor which might have very high resolution.

The sight gauge should work except I don't want to go to that much effort. It would not be very easily doable on my Sonoma pickup.

I want to measure my gas tank within a fraction of a gallon.

I could just find the wire coming from my sending unit and discover for myself if the variable resistor has the resolution I need but I thought I would ask on this forum first. Maybe someone already knows and can tell me, since it would be a bit of work finding the wire, tapping into it, and then doing the required procedure to determine the info I am seeking.
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