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Thanks guys, i got a great deal on it, seems to have been well looked after and its pretty clean inside and out

Its got a D15B4 twin carby motor in it currently, which makes instrumentation difficult, i might take the vacuum gauge off my F100 and put it on until i have the time/money for an EFI swap, i would love to put a big motor in it like a K20 or H22 for the extra torque but this one runs nice so there is no rush

First steps are to make it as standard looking as possible, i dont want any attention from the police or anyone else. Ive already taken the massive cannon off, it sounded terrible and made a headache inducing drone at most of the common speeds i travel. Next step is to get a stock muffler for it, then swap the black hood back to a white one (or paint it). I also want to get some steel wheels with smooth hubcaps (both for efficiency and stealthiness) when these tyres wear out, i will swap to 15" when that happens to give extra clearance for the Integra brakes

Some stealthy aero mods and more weight loss are also on the cards, a grill block, belly pan, and small kammback are all possibilities, as well as smaller lighter side mirrors and a general cleaning up of the typical 20y/o japanese panel gaps.

On the inside im on the way to fitting a decent but lightweight stereo (i love my music), as well as designing a storage system for my tools and stuff in the boot

Sorry about the epic long post, i get a bit carried away with a new car to play with haha!

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