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1. Yes that is the plan. Once I have the LM2907 circuits built and interfaced to the arduino I will have rpm readouts from the turbine and output shaft. Then its simply a matter of checking the ratio to ensure the intended gear is engaged.

2.Line pressure is maintained constant mechanically by the pump volume control valve between 500 and 6500rpm. PWM control of the EDS1 valve allows it to be varied electronically. As the arduino uno has only 8 bit pwm this gives me 255 levels. Good enough I reckon.

3.yes. All that should happen in reverse is that the line pressure defaults to max when power is lost and the pump loads up slightly more.

So this afternoon I wrote some code and added two shift buttons to the controller for up/down shift. Fired up in neutral and selected drive. Went into first no probs. Shifted to second and the box locked up into third , fourth and fifth no probs so looks like i have some more programming to do!!
Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the ammeter goes into the red and reads 2000 Amps, that's bad.
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