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The problem is it only takes 5 Nissan Leaf to move my boat or a trailer....

Bicycle is even better you need nothing no gas no electricity, no even licence, but we are all drive our cars and trucks.....

Here in Canada 1 liter diesel = $1.4

Last month I used 270 Liters diesel equivalent CNG for heating cooking etc my home. I paid total $100 for it. 100/270=37 cents/Liter 1KW electricity cost 10 cents, so even if it adds 5 cents per liter equivalent 37+5=42 cents is still a sweet deal compare to $1.40....

I know that CNG burns cleaner, it is better than diesel for environment, it is good for diesel engine you can extend your oil changes etc, but question is how to get it in my tank???

Let's talk about pumps......

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