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The problem with shoebox compressor is it has no carter, all blow-by will go to atmosphere...
There is no not expensive scuba compressors and parts for them are super expensive.

My plan is use York 210 AC compressor for "1 stage". It can get to 500 Psi and even over but I want to be on safe side, this is why I choose 200 Psi. York 210 is a high volume compressor, so I will need to run it @ 400-600 rpm max.

To avoid using explosion proof motors I think of using hydraulic motor to run York 210. Also hydraulic drive will give me flexibility in rpm and torque.

Once I built myself a drilling rig without any plans just from my head. I drilled 15 holes 80' each around my house. I installed my own geothermal system and now I enjoy year round comfort and pay next to nothing for it. Everyone was saying NO NO NO. But I did it.

Another thing. Where I live bbq propane is 3 times more expensive compare to auto propane. One day I said to myself this is F*** BS and build a propane pump. Guess what I used? I had a fuel injection pump from Honda outboard sitting on my shelf and collecting dust. First I pressure tested it to !!!! 500 PSI !!!! Yes this is correct 500 PSI. I left it connected for 24 hours. Nothing happened to it. Propane pressure will be 150 Psi max but I wanted to be safe... Now I buy auto propane using my forklift tank and I pump propane just like you pump gasoline or water to what ever container I need.

I forgot to mention all my equipment converted to run on propane including lawnmower.... so my next step is CNG.....

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