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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
So if you were to throw this 15 gallon tank in the bed of your truck and pump it up to 175 psi of methane (NG), how close would that get you to two gallons gasoline equivalent?
DAYTON ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO./SPEEDAIRE Air Tank,Stationary,175 PSI,15 Gal,Horiz - Stationary Air Tanks - 1TZZ2|1TZZ2 - Grainger Industrial Supply

50 lbs, 3 feet wide, $450. 15 gal ~ 2 cu feet. One GGE of natural gas is 126.67 cubic feet equivalent, I think it is pretty close, not sure..

175 Psi /15 Psi=17 times compression.
2 ft3 x17 = 34 ft3

34/127=0.27 GGE or about 1 liter....... Not so much....

This is why I bought 2 CNG tanks (type 1 heavy 3000 Psi). They are 1.5+1.5 cubic feet.

I need 1200-1300 Psi to get 2 GGE.
1300/15=86 compression
86x3=258 ft3
258/127=2 GGE

I would never put this kind of pressure into propane or air tank. Less pressure is not more.... So don't call me an idiot..... trying to blowing himself....

I can see We start getting Ideas... This is GOOD Let's move on
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