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Originally Posted by renault_megane_dci View Post
Well, to start with, why would it be an optimal shape if it wasn't better than any shape ?
Or else the front end of a Mk1 VW Golf would be The optimum shape ?
(Giugiaro's design by the way)
Good question.

And, if the original shape of the vehicle nose in this thread is good, and modification to it would not produce much benefit, then why do the OP's modifications make such great benefit? In other words, if it was good to begin with, modifications to the fog light geometry would not help, would they?

Reviewing the information on optimum mirror shapes, one finds that a smooth, rounded body which continues its lines past the plane of the mirror, makes the least drag. Why would the nose shape of the vehicle be any different?

When the OP finishes his modifications and smoothing of the nose of his car, he should do ABA tests to compare the original shape with the modified shape.

I suspect the factory designers either did not know what they are doing (very common) or simply ignored known science and published data and just used whatever the marketing department wanted (also very common).
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