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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Copy-Pro,here where I use the computer is closing for the Thanksgiving holiday,so it will be next week before I can bring anything.
If you can get a look at any of Hucho's books,you'll find a section on 'Effective-Bluffness','Effective-Fineness Ratio',which examines the role ground clearance plays with Cd.The Schl'o'rwagen is investigated completely for G.C. effects.
You'll notice that,for instance,the 'Aerodynamic Streamlining Template' would have a Cd 0.08 on the ground with it's wheels completely retracted into it's body,rather than Cd 0.13 or so with ground clearance.
*Lowering effectively increases fineness ratio.
*It also reduces the frontal area by virtue of shielding the wheels/tires.
*It can affect body drag optimization by virtue of inclination/rake effects,as with both Ford Probe-IV and V which are both lowered and 'raked' for lowest drag.
I'll catch up next week.
We are cautioned to investigate vehicles on a case-specific basis,so we'd be remiss to attempt blanket statements.
I've seen positive results on the vx by lowering the front only (2"). Unfortunately its difficult to do ABA with the time and alignment, so I won't post numbers. It is significant though, and completely changes the wind noise pattern.
Shooting for 600 miles of range at 65-70 mph out of a vx.

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