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Fransyskan - '03 Renault Clio Expression
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Introducing the Swedish-French Combo (Renault Clio Mk2)


Got my first car about a month ago, a 2003 Renault Clio Mk2 1.2L 16v (139.000km on the clock). The engine is rated at a not so breathtaking 75 horsepower. But since the Clio with this engine, myself and a full tank of petrol only weighs in at 1010 kg it is still reasonably quick and above all fuel efficient.

Contrary to most 19 year olds who try to make their car go faster, I try to make it burn less fuel and as such I don't exactly drive like a racer. When I got the car I managed to average just about 0,52 l/10km or 45 mpg (trip odometer reading when fueling up) on the motorway (55-60 mph) on a full tank. This was without any mods and with slightly under-inflated tires (around 26 psi). I have now done a few mods.

Current mods:
#Tire pressure up to 41 psi front and 36 psi back.
#Lower and middle grill blockage.
#Headlight seams blocked.
#Front underbelly panel (unfortunately I couldn't cover more due to the engine mount being in the way as well as the gearbox cover). The undercarriage seems reasonably flat other than that.
#Installed an OBD2-reader and a Galaxy Tab to be able to monitor fuel consumption etc. in addition to being able to listen to mp3's etc.
#Started coasting in neutral when not stopping so as not to lose speed due to engine braking.

I am curious to see the fuel consumption now when I have done these mods.

Planned mods:
#Remove back seats (at least for long trips).
#Something to direct the airflow away from hitting the front of the tires.
#Flat plastic hubcaps directly on the steel rims.
#Perhaps a panel over the back wheel well

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