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I have been watching Amazon's Lightning Deals for Christmas presents, but have spent far more on myself. I bought a 24" full HD monitor and an HDMI to DVI cable for my 20" monitor. I keep using the 15.6" full HD TV that I bought in Afghanistan as a monitor. It sounds crazy, but I do this all of the time for school. I should have just purchased the cable and not the monitor, but I did not want to lose resolution. I also bought a bike rack, a 19-in-1 multi-tool, a random-orbit sander, a VHS-to-DVD thing, a drill kit with accessories, and metal shelves to hold everything. It is nice to finally organize my tools and if I ever have the time, I could actually do something with them!

As for further accumulating space-wasting possesions, kind of. My girlfriend keeps bringing over stuff even though I remind her that she does not live here, but even with her stuff, including a seat for her next to my recliner, I actually have less stuff than I did a few weeks ago. At some point I will take a suitcase full of books and some other stuff to Goodwill and I have a bunch of computer stuff that I need to try to recycle. I have a now-empty Army storage box that I may just keep in my trunk and two big Army storage boxes and several cardboard ones that I still have not sorted, but I need to get rid of some of that.
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