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Originally Posted by Mazdatech View Post
which it is actually NOT. thats a random coupe just with AC schnitzer parts, doesnt even have The M package...
The e9x M all have the "powerdome" on the hood.
You muppet, unless it says Alpina on the back its a waste of money above a standard Hedgehog-mobile*.

Originally Posted by Mazdatech View Post
and guys i do have to tell you..ive been quick lopking around and this is by far the weirdest best looking car thread on any board around the web, for real !
i mean, volvos? seriously??
We like to be different, it makes us better. We even like when people think BMWs look good

I'm surprised you think a 3-series is better looking than an M1, or even a Batmobile CSL.

*(ukjoke - what is the difference between a Hedgehog and a BMW ? On a hedgehog the pr!cks are on the outside )
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