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Originally Posted by Recumpence View Post
I agree. This would explain why it is tough to gain much with this car at the nose. I am seeing a definate gain. But, I have done much to the car (not all of it at the nose).

I really need to set myself to the task of the air dam and kammback.

Since I don't own a hybrid I'm going to mention something out of ignorance.
The modern battery packs are susceptible to overheating.You'll want to give the battery area a hard look and incorporate its needs into any mods.
Bye the way,the Prius V which the C-Max is compared to,is longer,narrower,and shorter and gets about 2-mpg better.
You can't really do anything about your width and height,but any length you could add would really help.
Your Length/Height ratio is 2.716 and your Cd should be around 0.29
The Ford Probe V is L/H= 3.907 and has Cd 0.137.'Length matters.'
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