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Open Source Car

The First Car You Can Build Yourself... in an Hour - Businessweek

Here's an effort that tries to hit the same price range as the Elois/VLC, but avoids the whole "can-it-be-brought-to-market " problem by offering a kit of parts to the coach-builder, and releasing the plans as open-source.

It appears the suspension is an homage to the Citroen 2CV. Home page is here:
OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle | Introducing Tabby: an industrializable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis.

On the market in 2014, hybrid drive by Fall of 2014. Dive right in:
OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle |(OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle |)
OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle |(OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle |)

"" & "" vBulletin is sooo braindead.

"You wouldn't download a car would you?"

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