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you, two are and will continue to miss this entire point. while I question 25 MPG by his wife, that questioning is no different then his questioning me and your living denial about Technology. Technology is a strange thing which occurs when intelligence, thinks and creates but for the average person, this is far pass their ability to think that technology can send men to the moon. Now, niether of you, ever wonder how "Doubting" never stopped any invention from doing as designed.
As I said and you confirm, you and most of the members on this forum, is so far behind that trying to educate you, trying to get you to know what Catalyst do, what can occur to the molecules of atoms from gasoline and how to effect through Catalyst Selective Processing of gasoline, would constitute too much time and still, everything would be the same, you two would still be "Doubters".

Your, two commits are noted but for the record, your Tahoe never got 25 MPG as you described, furnish me proof, sir, but you can not because you do not have it. It is just your word against my "Doubt" and as you have your words for me to "Doubt" you have my words to doubt.

Commits noted.
I appreciate your thoughts but question your motives.

If either one of you, I should give you benefit of the doublt
Read PCT/us2005/033584 which is a US Patent, for your information, the description will be outside your understand but heck, either of you might surprise me. Read it and Surprise me with understanding what it saids.

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