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Originally Posted by ShadeTreeMech View Post
It must be a big city thing. In Arkansas, I had a motorcycle that had a bad alternator. I simply kept a car battery in my luggage rack to keep the bike running.

The idea that a church would say no to letting you have a bit of electricity is shocking.
i brought the battery out of my suburban to charge with the forklift at work a few times when I had a short. Nobody cared.

As for the church they had a bunch of right wing ninnies that believed I could somehow remove $20 or $30 of $0.11 per kwhr electricity in 1-2 hours out of a 15amp outlet @ 1200 peak watts. i offered to put my kilowatt meter and told them to call the utility to find out how much they pay and I would gladly pay them for it.

They said it caused too much trouble if I charged, sadly they aren't remotely unique, I have been asked if my electric bill is $500 a month because of the EV a few times, people just have no concept of how electricity works and how its billed.
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