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The Dakota - '99 Dodge Dakota R/T
90 day: 16.4 mpg (US)

The Honda - '88 Honda CRX DX
90 day: 47.43 mpg (US)
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The SC is bone stock so far, except tire pressur at ~40psi. My commute is 95% freeway and I usually hold it at 55 on the way home and 65 on the way to work (always running late, lol). Realistically my mileage "in service" is closer to 38mpg. The 41 tank included 200mi of freeway with a fair bit of that spent following a big-rig at a safe distance (2-4 seconds). The main trick I employ is EOC whenever decelerating or going down a hill where the car can at least think about staying with traffic. Generally, if I can get away with engine off for 10sec or more, the engine goes off. I always restart by very-briefly engaging the clutch to start the motor, then rev-matching with throttle before reengaging the clutch for good.

Sometimes I feel like I burn more oil than gas. Previous owner lied his a** off about the oil consumption.
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