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Newbie introduction

I have enjoyed trying to eek out a little more mileage out of whatever I drive. It started when I had to start paying for my own gas in high school. I enjoy a good display of power in a machine once in a while as well as performance. The engineer in me is interested to see what something is capable of. I have been intrigued by electric and hybrid vehicles. I have recently changed jobs and moved to where I am much closer to work. (2 miles one way) It is now extremely feasible to tinker with an electric conversion project. I have recently made a deal on a 1971 Karmann Ghia in pretty good shape. It had an engine fire and the owner gave up on it. It has been sitting dormant for 5 years. The engine has been taken out so that part of the project is complete. I am in the early stages and trying to figure out what I want to do as far as motor, controller, batteries etc. I am going to get the car this weekend in Central Texas and bring it back to Houston. Any recommendations will be welcome. Anyone close by that would like to join in any brainstorming, wrench turning or just supervising standing around in a garage and telling lies, that's good too.


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