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Well these are based on this:

Airtabs™ should be installed as close as possible to the back (trailing) edge of the vehicle. If the Airtabs must be moved forward to avoid rivet heads etc, keep the wide edges of the Airtabs within 12-18 inches of the back for optimum performance. Airtabs are effective shielding gaps or reducing turbulence entering undesirable areas. Any vehicle component with an edge that is 90 degrees to the airflow is a possible Airtab® location provided that location receives an adequate supply of relatively undisturbed airflow. Examples: forward of wheel wells, slung tool boxes, trailer skirts etc. Airtabs are also effective on roof trailing edges of automobiles with a rear window slope exceeding 30 degrees. For ALL applications, ensure that the leading (wide) edge of the Airtab® is absolutely flush with the mounting surface.
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