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Haha, driving 2,000 miles in three days makes a man stop caring about a LOT of things!

You ever notice how even the most comfy seats turn to cement after about 1,000 miles?

Back in May, I had to get rid of my poor old Monte Carlo (which was my first car EVER... had the old gal for 5 years!). I had found a Jeep on Autotrader, but it was 800 miles away, out in northern Wisconsin. The Monte (Dorina) had begun having several problems, including losing my headlights right after we got on the free way... I had to stop and wait for it to get brighter out!

Anyway, we did the round trip in 17.5 hours straight- I drove the WHOLE way. It was just barely over 400 miles one way. Quite a trip!

Anyway, the worse gas mileage I ever got was around 4 or 5mpg with our old GMC. It's certainly not a city vehicle, and that's why. It has a ton of miles, and when we first bought it, the tranny slipped really bad, and you had to give it heck to just get from one light to the other. I think it was the planetary gears. I've since changed the tranny, and it does a little better now.
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