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Another cheap trick to make VGs is to use clear plastic corner protectors for drywall, as sold at Home Depot. It's a clear plastic strip with an L shape cross-section with sides ~3/4" high, comes in maybe 8' lengths, to protect outer corners of sheetrock wall surfaces in high traffic places like your kitchen. Hardly costs anything, and you could make dozens of VGs out of just one strip.

Being clear, if you can find a good and durable clear two-sided tape, you could stick these onto your car and still see the paint underneath, a sorta stealth application not too noticeable. Or, apply with glue gun? Clear Shoe Goo? Or, whatever works durably in weather, but is removable later without damaging the paint.

I suspect a Coroplast undertray might be a great place to experiment, if you had a GoPro camera to record the tuft tests, and a secure mount for the camera.
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