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Hi guys,

I got a second car for parts the other day really cheap so today was spent pulling some parts off:

Its a bit rough and has been rear ended but the bonnet is straight so it will be repainted white and fitted later, the headlights are very ricey but they put out much better light than the stockers so i will be fitting them too, it also has a stock exhaust in good condition, stiffer springs and BMW 14x5.5" steel wheels which i will be fitting along with some smooth hubcaps

Another part i will be using from the red car is the drivers side mirror, the standard ones have huge blind spots as well as being quite heavy thanks to electric adjustment. I have removed the passenger side from the white car already but the dirvers side will be replaced with this 3" convex mirror:

First i removed the stock mirror from the base then cut the base up a lil bit and hot glued a piece of 3mm mdf on to hold the new mirror:

Then i filled the gaps with strips of cardboard hot glued on:

before covering the lot in fiberglass:

i needs a fair bit of sanding and shaping to get it smooth before i add some paint and stick the mirror on

Weighs less than half the stock one and has probably less than a 3rd of the frontal area, plus 10x better vision, winning all round!

Thanks for looking

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