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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
I agree , if I start seeing them on the highway I'd take note, this is almost 10 yr;s old no ,
I would not buy into that reasoning, at all: If the trucking industry had any clue, they'd all be driving rigs like the aero bigrig on this website, which gets about twice the fuel mileage as the much-bragged about latest from Mack, Kenworth, etc.

Either the trucking companies have not spent 10 minutes perusing Hoerner, NASA, or Hucho, or they cannot be bothered.

The r&d facility for a major trucking manufacturer is about 4 miles from my house. They have an open house weekend every so often, which I've attended. I know for a fact that they have Hucho in their library, as I borrowed it via interlibrary loan. Do their products show much, if any, aero improvement as is common knowledge from the above-mentioned sources? Not really. These people are willfully ignorant, or just blow it off, or maybe they mess with pissants while being trampled by elephants.

Sorry about the rant. But, basic vehicular aero optimization has been known and published for about 80 years now, and not many with the power to make changes act accordingly. It's pathetic.
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