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We did some testing on various sized (strategicly sized) trailers a couple years ago. We found that as long as there was attached flow along the entire top length of the trailer, that there was a strong down-draft at the front of the trailer. We tried a few things to stop the draft, coroplast on top (it bent right in half), coroplast on the bottom (bent until it dragged on the ground), fully enclosed (lasted until we had to turn around, still a lot of deformation). I don't doubt you are seeing the same down-draft, and to be honest, I don't know how to beat it without a full enclosure. My speculation is that when there is a down-draft, it means your trailer's front end could be smaller (if maintaining a gap). Presumably, very little down-draft would mean that the air is re-attaching optimally, but that's speculation on my part. We found that a much reduced gap helped also.
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