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Drag of recessed truncated teardrop

Great to see the table on drag vs truncated lengths of teardrops as well as the graph on same subject -- I am interested in what is known as a "Camm Back" configuration as contrasted to the "Kammback" chopped off rear or downstream end. It appears that this Camm Back refers to a recessed rear face with outside thin or even knife edge shell extending out beyond this recessed face. Examples including the 1960 era Triumph TR6 with a sharp edge protuding further back beyond the vertical rear face of trunk. From what I have found, apparently this helps move the turbulent fluid back away from the truncated tail and reduces drag even further -- Does anyone know anything about this configuration and related data?? I am also interested in application of the truncated tail drag data as applied to water instead of air -- Does same data hold true for this much denser fluid or are some limits or adjustments necessary??
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