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I think it all boils down to, he knew he shouldn't be taking the electricity, he knew he shouldn't be on the property, he knew what he was doing was against the owners wishes.


It doesn't matter if it was 5 cents or $500. Knowingly performing a criminal act is the act of a criminal.

What would you do if you came home from work and someone had parked their car in your driveway and were in the middle of siphoning petrol out of your second car into theirs? And then when you approached them to question what they were doing they got all aggressive towards you. And what if this wasn't the first time you caught the person doing this? You had made it very clear to them that this was unacceptable but still they continued doing it over and over???

Would you just shrug and say "Ah well, its only petrol, i can always buy more."?

I think the fact that it was an electric car muddies peoples view of the situation. I think people who drive electric cars like to think of themselves and other electric enthusiasts as good people doing good. But re-read the article and substitute petrol where it says electricity and it may make you feel differently towards the guy.
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