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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
So basicly you want to avoid funneling air under the car , direct it outboard as smoothly as possible and vent any excess radiator feed air out the wheel wells, It's all coming together, so it seems those ricer front air dams are good if they do that and avoid the outboard edge brake ducts, This is great stuff and seems intuitive like all good ideas once you see it . my escort nose is rounded under like the Miata so very applicable, now how to do it all on the cheap.Thanks to everyone, this explains my cars poor wind handling and buffeting,
Using Miata No. 6 as a guide, make air dam out of Home Depot garden edging, around $7 for a 20' roll, if I recall correctly. Make it vertically flush with the leading edge of the front bumper, if possible. Extend laterally to fair and shield the outer leading edges of the front tires.

Add Coroplast undertray, extended ~4" forward of the bottom edge of the garden edging, for a combined undertray/splitter. Extend undertray at least as far aft as the axis of the axles.

You should have~12-13' of garden edging left over. Side skirts?

Next priority is undertray at rear of the car, to smooth any parachutes commonly made by manufacturors under the rear bumper and aft of the gas tank. Wedges of Coro could be used for diffuser, mindful of the Lotus details noted previously on this blog, by me.

Now, you'll have less pesky air jamming under the car and creating unwanted lift and drag, and that air which does go under is smoothed and its exit properly channeled into the wake, which should be much smaller and less draggy.

A discarded 4X8 Coro political sign or two, plus a few bucks on Home Depot or similar garden edging, should very significantly lower your drag, increase your mileage, and make your car quieter and less vulnerable to salty road spray.
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