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I have a '92 Ford E-150 conversion van with Mark III kit, a fiberglass roof extension which sticks up another 2' or so. Has 5.8 liter engine, TV, captains chairs, fold-a-bed in the back, etc. Wanna buy it?

Otherwise, I'd start with a Home Depot garden edging air dam, or wider if possible, and Coroplast undertray for the underside of the van, otherwise an aerodynamic abortion and prime example of what NOT to do when designing a vehicle. In other words, a target-rich environment for an Ecomodder.

Ever considered, instead of expanding vertically (with consequent increase in frontal area), doing the boat-tail thing on your van? You could make a boat tail which would also shield a bike rack or whatever else you need to haul on vacation, which would essentially pay for itself in fuel savings. Remove when not needed. Doesn't make the van top heavy. Better in crosswinds. Much cheaper to do than going vertically. Does not ruin resale value as cutting your roof off will, since the mod can be easily taken off to return to stock configuration.

My Ford aluminum wheels are prime candidates for pizza pan covers, and the Dumbo ears outside mirrors are bigger than the law should allow.

Got that diesel running on cooking oil yet? Home heating oil? There's really no need to waste money at the pump, y'know.
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