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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
So basicly you want to avoid funneling air under the car , direct it outboard as smoothly as possible and vent any excess radiator feed air out the wheel wells, It's all coming together, so it seems those ricer front air dams are good if they do that and avoid the outboard edge brake ducts, This is great stuff and seems intuitive like all good ideas once you see it . my escort nose is rounded under like the Miata so very applicable, now how to do it all on the cheap.Thanks to everyone, this explains my cars poor wind handling and buffeting,
In 1970,Chrysler engineers responsible for the Daytona Charger development remarked on the following,in their SAE paper:
*The 18-inch,low profile drag nose section allowed a 45-degree angled front spoiler of maximum chord,which would also maintain the NASCAR minimum 6.5-inch ground clearance, while also positioning the spoiler as far forward as possible to minimize the high pressure area in front of the spoiler,which otherwise would create lift if moved aft.
The spoiler also increased the pressure differential across the radiator,which already had adequate cooling flow for the big Hemi,and allowed them to 'grille-block' the Daytona to minimize even more airflow under the car.
*The combination nose/airdam reduced front lift 66% compared to the 1969 'RACE' charger and lowered the Cd from 0.35,to 0.27 (without the rear wing/stabilizer setup).
You can look at contemporary NASCAR racers and see how nearly the whole nose is an airdam.
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