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Well, the Aygo is 5 years younger than the Yaris. The quality on the Aygo's interior is a bit low on some points. But Being newer it feels better, the car even smells new inside. There a no rattles in the the dash ore suspension. Witch i do had in the Yaris.

The wind noise on the highway is better in the Aygo than the Yaris.

The suspension is a bit harder than the Yaris (stock), you can compare it with the t-sport suspension i put on the Yaris. A bit harder, so more feedback. I like that. It doesn't roll fast in the corners, and when it does you get oversteer. The (optional) ESP copes with that very well.

An other big difference is that the Yaris has hydraulic power steering compared tot the Aygo's electric system. You get more feedback with hydraulic systems that's for sure, but you still feel exactly what the car is doing in the corners with the Aygo. On the highway the electric power steering is off so it feels the same as the hydraulic.

The standard seats are better in the Aygo than the Yaris. They give you a bit more support in the corners and i don't get any back pain during long drives.

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