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Um, I was wondering, if you haven't yet bought the van, have you considered simply buying a trailer for use as a camper, and modding that?

We have some superb trailer guys and designs on this blog, so there is plenty of good information. A trailer need only be used occasionally, so the tow vehicle need not be burdened with that extra load (or extra fuel burned) during normal use. A well designed trailer may actually improve your highway mileage, as noted by our best trailer guys. You could start with a cheapo Northern Tool trailer with a 4X8 bed, expanded to cover the tongue area for extra floor space, and enclose it like a mini horse trailer. Some of these trailers fold and can be stood on end to save space in the garage. Light, they can be towed by a small car, so you don't need a big, heavy, thirsty van like mine to pull it. This is what I wish I'd known and done before I bought my big heavy thirsty Ford E-150 conversion van.
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