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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
That was a problem with all the early 80's 1.6 models,till around 84 or so , the 1.9 was pretty good if you changed the anti freeze every 3 yrs or so , the 2.0's have no big problems , except I've heard the ZX2 had some issues, but the plain jane sedans are pretty good and cheap to boot. 1000 for a really nice looking one . mine was a find as it was a west coast car with fresh paint and zero body rust, for 1100, have 194 k now and running fine, all the accessorys eventually give trouble, except the AC so far, but fun to drive and averaging over 40 mpg on 75% highway running,
i agree with accesorys giving trouble, but my zx2 was manual everything except locks and the alarm no longer works nor does the A/C. one thing to add about escorts is even though the sedan and zx2 both had 2.0l motors they were different motors, meaning motor issues wouldnt be directly related

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