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What is your measurement techniques and what sort of accuracy you looking for?

I invested in a high end "consumer" (fully aware the Professional will add a digit to the price) OBD interface that can read the latest CAN data if I am willing to pay for the software.... I hoped the data provided would be 95% accurate. Time will tell.

Well.... That has me thinking... and more questions....

I got 25 years repairing digital feedback control systems that measure stuff in the micro range at a >1000 Hz rate and be able to read that accuracy in a digital word and references. I was expecting to see the same kind data on the OBD but within the milli range at best.

Does the OBD interface provide raw standardized data as detected on the CAN bus?

If not standardized, where is it interpreted?

If not raw, what is filtered out? What is the resolution for the filtered data?

My minimum sample rate that I am hoping for in 1 Hz but I expect 10 Hz, is that achieveable?

I have not logged data from a car ECU yet and I hope to be able to generate references that will us the best driving technique for different circumstances throughout my commute.

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